Emotional Awareness Institute

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Emotional Awareness Institute was established in June 2015 as a nonprofit organization(501C3) to prevent emotional roadblocks, address emotional issues and just plain improve communication within relationships of any kind. To have a healthy relationship we need to know ourselves, we as a society, culture etc wait until issues grow larger to learn about who we are in psychotherapy. At EAI we wonder why wait. Emotions will drive you to places you don’t want to go more often than not.


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1) Apps and curriculum- currently we have the app InnerView on all android and iphones. This app can be downloaded free. Curriculum is currently being developed to enhance emotion skills.

2) LifeStories – in this program we are working with individuals to record their life stories. We will provide a videographer along with an editor to record and produce and individual’s life story. This story will include each person’s journey to find their true self and the lessons they learned on the way. What they want recorded and passed down to their family. We believe that we have emotional scripts and knowing where we came from can help to create a choice between where we came from and where we want to go in life. By listening to our family member life stories we can learn, grow and always remember where we came from. The effect it can have for us is to be liberated or confirmed about where we want to choose to go in our lives.

3) Trainings in Emotional Awareness – comes out of; the better we know ourselves the better we know others. Emotional Awareness is needed to develop a willingness to stick with something and to identify what is stopping us from staying with it.

We offer these trainings in a variety of ways:

A) Classes that are offered on Emotional Awareness on a weekly basis: these trainings are for schools, seniors, teens etc. Our classes generally go over four emotional categories: Anger, Sadness, Happiness and Fear. We discuss how to identify these feeling, what they do for us in our lives and where we feel them in our bodies.

B) We also offer Life stories classes to support individuals in identifying their true selves which will define their stories and make them more relatable for others.

C) STEM Emotional Awareness- We are working with individuals interested in going into a STEM career and working with them through Emotional Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. These are classes offered with their STEM training to support their resiliency.

D) Teen and Senior Mentor Program- this program is provided to Senior Centers and Homes to team up high school students and seniors to apply the InnerView App and help a senior record their life story. This program is to both support the senior in finding their true self and get that recorded and also teach teens how to relate to seniors and connect in a deeper way. Classes are available for training High School students in how to use the app effectively and how to get to the seniors true self.

4) Connecting Generations Through Life Stories – an opportunity for seniors to get in touch with their own lives and leave a legacy for their families.  Learn how to tell your own story and ask questions through working with students or by bringing your own grandchild so you can tell your story and they can tell their own story. This process ends in making a video or audio tape of your story that can be watched or listened to by your loved ones for generations to that follow. Sign up today to give your family the best gift you can give them!